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Get Started Today

We understand that when you are facing a financial burden with your mortgage it can be a frustrating situation. Being proactive and deciding to seek help is the important first step in this process.

We offer free no obligation consultations over the phone to discuss your specific situation. We can determine if your home and situation would be viable candidates for a short sale.

For more information and to discuss your specific situation, please call 404-257-8717 or visit our Contact Us section.

Is your foreclosure sale date approaching soon?
It's always best to allow sufficient time for a short sale to be processed so do not delay and please
contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your specific situation. We often can get the foreclosure sale date postponed to allow time for a short sale.

Watch out for "foreclosure rescue" scams and companies that want you to pay upfront fees.
Our services are TOTALLY FREE for homeowners you never pay any commissions or fees. Beware of "foreclosure rescue" scams that require you to pay a fee for assistance with your mortgage situation. Also be leary of over zealous bankruptcy attorneys that don't have your best interest at heart.








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